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Tool Maker Microscope

Product Image (XTC200A)


Price: 150-350 USD ($)

XTC series stereo microscopes are a kind of positive image microscope; they have long working distance, clear and smooth image quality, wide field, convenience operation etc. They can be used for culture and education, scientific research, farming and forestry, electronics and precision machine industries widely.

Product Image (SPTM-505R)

Tool-Maker Microscope

Price: 3600-8000 USD ($)

Introduction: SPTM-505R tool-maker microscope is an excellent measuring instrument for non-contact inspection and 2D precision measurement. It is suitable to measure the small parts in the metrology department and production line, and it can be installed with digital measure heads, CCD adaptor, CCD camera, digital cross line generator, monitor to be a 2D vision system.