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Vertical Profile Projector

Vertical Profile Projector is mainly used for the measurement of different mechanical parts of angle, length and surface shape. This instrument can check all kinds of surface of complicated work-Pieces, screw thread, gear, perform milling cutter, cam and so on. It is widely used in electron, aerospace machinery, light industry, research institute as well as measurement inspecting department. Equipped with easy-to-read digital counters that located near the projection screen, thus minimizing strain associated with excessive movement. Moreover, its digital angle display reduces the need to perform complex calculations. It has a floating table that makes measuring faster and easier.
Product Image (SP-12B)

Digital Profile Projector

Price: 1 USD ($)

Digital Profile Projector

Product Image (SP-3020B)

SP-3020B Profile Projector

Price: 3600-7500 USD ($)

SP-3020B Profile Projector Application: This digital type high-precision projector is a highly efficient measuring instrument integrating light, machine and electricity. It can be widely used for industries such as mold manufacturing, metal work pressing, electronics, instrument, horologe, as well in universities, research institutes and metering examination departments. Features: This instrument is a precession measuring device integrating optics, mechanics, electricity and computation into an organic whole; which is widely used in the measuring rooms and workshops of related factories and plants in the sectors of machinery manufacture, instrumentation, clocks and watches and electronics industries. This instrument can easily and speedily check the profiles and surface shapes of various measured parts; e.g., various parts, cutting tools and tools of sample plates, punching pieces, cams, gears, molding milling cutters, tapping tools, etc.

Product Image (SP-3025 )

SP-3025 Vertical Profile Projector

Price: 4500-10000 USD ($)

Profile Projectors SP-3025 This series of profile projectors are famous for its excellent quality of the optical system. It is processed of clear image and accurate magnification. The error of the contour measuring is less than 0.08% under the illumination of transmission. This instrument provides the mini-printer (option) and foot-switch, which are convenient to output and gather the data. You can adjust the focus by ascending and descending the projection box. The measuring and profile projector is with big travel and stationary performance because the working table does not ascend or descend. The instrument can also measure the big range with high precision.