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Product Image (SPB3-4502)


Price: 300-650 USD ($)/Set

SPB3-4502 Video Microscope

Product Image (SPB5-4502M )

SPB5-4502M Video Microscope

Price: 450-1000 USD ($)/Set

SPB5-4502M Video Microscope

Product Image (BM-200)

Inverted Biological Microscope

Price: 1200-2600 USD ($)

BM-200 Inverted microscope is equipped with wide field eyepieces, long working distance plan achromatic objectives and very long working distance condenser and phase contrast unit. It can be observed transparent and unfinished living specimen in culture bottle or culture utensil. It is the ideal instrument suitable for research of living specimen structure, liquid, deposits and so on. It also can be used in research institutes, universities, medical treatment, agriculture and animal husbandry, etc.

Product Image (SPXLB-45)

Monocular Video Microscope

Price: 1 USD ($)

Technical Specifications Continuous zoom lens 0.7-4.5*, zoom ratio 6.4:1 Standard working distance of 100mm Eyepiece: 0.5* (optional 0.35*/1*/2*) Auxiliary Objective 1* (optional 0.5*, 2*) Primary mirror body and the bracket with the size 39.6mm and 50mm Focusing hand wheel adjustable elastic, focusing range 63mm and 50mm Main standard diameter: 25mm, height 323/270mm 380*260*20mm(Customize) Optional various base Optical lens

Product Image (SPTM-505)

SPTM-505 Tool-Maker’S Microscope

Price: 2000-4000 USD ($)

This serial tool-maker’s microscope is an excellent measuring instrument for non-contact inspection and 2D precisionmeasurement. It is suitable to measure the small parts in the metrology department and production line, and it can be installed with digital measure heads, CCD adaptor, CCD camera, digital cross line generator, monitor to be a 2D vision system.